Yahoo Re-launches Yahoo Video With Several New Features

Yahoo is advance platform that provides enhanced applications for its users. Yahoo with its enhanced applications and powerful and advance features claims that yahoo is among the leading platform for users looking for enhanced mail services. Yahoo known to exists from years but it knows what it customers need and with feedbacks it keeps on rolling latest updates to its application so that it can provide the most enhanced experience for its users online on its platform. Yahoo mail and other yahoo applications are all user friendly and enhanced but in case user face any issue using their yahoo applications they may obtain easy help from Yahoo phone number UK.

Yahoo is well aware about the usage about the yahoo videos. Yahoo videos allow users to share and watch the latest videos on its platform. Yahoo video has always been a commonly used application for its users. Yahoo is well aware about this fact and thus it has launched several enhanced features to its yahoo video app so that user may get best offers on their most used yahoo video application. The yahoo video is now available with mergers and more advance features.

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One of the best implemented changes on yahoo video is addition of a 16 : 9 viewer and with this it also supports about 150mb for files. Yahoo video now comes with an enhanced feature of embeddedable playlists and improved user profiles. Prior yahoo video was only used to offer content focus simply uploaded by its users but now it also include video material from other Yahoo properties as well. This includes best information from other yahoo applications such as yahoo music, yahoo movies, yahoo TV, yahoo news and yahoo sports.

To offer better videos on its yahoo video application which is better than the live streaming from YouTube Yahoo has successfully acquired video advertising service Malvern Networks for $150 million. All this was done with a motive to provide enhanced video services to its users. Currently yahoo video is a new video application platform of yahoo that provides enhanced application to its users. Now yahoo video is updated such that it not only let it users view videos on its platform but it also allows users to upload their personal videos as well.

With this a new trend has started where yahoo users are making their videos and sharing on their yahoo video platform for its friends and family. It is pretty simple and easy. Using yahoo video is a simple application like other applications of yahoo but in case users face any issue using the yahoo video or its features they may obtain easy help from Yahoo technical support number.

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