Inquisitor Search Tool – Successful Integration Of Yahoo

Yahoo has always been a famous platform that provides user oriented services. It very well understands what it users needs and it take all efforts to bring in all those approaches for its users. The main motive of yahoo is to provide enhanced and best services and application right at its platform so that user can make the most out of their yahoo platform. It is because of this reason why it provides so many application rights with its mail platform. Yahoo is oldest yet the most powerful and most widely used mail platform. It is user friendly as well but in case users face any problem using their yahoo account they may obtain easy help from Yahoo support number.

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Yahoo has always been popular for its advance application that is provides. Yahoo! keeps on expanding and acquiring new services for its users. Few time ago yahoo successfully acquired Inquisitor search tool for Safari on Mac. Like all other yahoo application this was also brought up for enhancing experience of its users. Inquisitor search tool comes with high speed capability that is efficient enough to loads results faster. Other than this it provides a search engines that a user can customized to display results as per wish. Inquisitor comes with an effective & sleek interface which fits well in Safari.

It was very clear why yahoo has joined with this tool and this was because with this The Yahoo! Search will get more presence in the Mac world. With this acquisition it was very sure those yahoos will now receiver their own Search Assist technology which will enhance the results and will give it fairly detailed suggestions with right concepts. This tool of yahoo is again a simple and enhanced one but if user face any problem just dial yahoo phone number 0800 046 5027.

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