Yahoo Closure in China

Yahoo is the most essential mail platform that has grown to be the integral part of everyone’s life since last few years. Even though it is one of the oldest known mailing platform but it still have managed to be a leading mail platform because it rightly accepts innovations and makes those changes on its platform every time. By bringing exactly what its users need every time it becomes favourite platform for its users. Yahoo is thus important mail platform that offers customer oriented mail services and with this it also offers other enhanced applications for users with which they can get enhanced usage all these applications and services are quite useful and easy to use but still if in case you need any help using any of yahoo application you may obtain easy help from Yahoo contact number uk 0800 046 5027.

Yahoo Closure In China

Yahoo is famous all across the world for its services. It is only few countries where yahoo is not used at all. As it is available everywhere it ensures easy and efficient mails exchange all around the world. By connecting people from one end to another it ensures that the most enhanced mail communications can be established. Yahoo was always a medium of easy mail exchange in various countries including china but very few of its users really know that yahoo is not available in China any more.

Late in the year 2013 yahoo shut down its services for its users in China. Each year yahoo users double up and more and more users join yahoo platform but it is only in nation of China where yahoo do not accept any more new registrations for its email service. This was closed in April 2013 itself. Even when yahoo was once a leading mail network once in China it closed all application for China users and instructed people to switch to any other alternative emails services of their choice leaving back yahoo mail platform.


After many users shifted to various other available mail network of China, yahoo finally shuttered its services completely and has finally gone down on Yahoo Mail in China.

Definitely yahoo is user’s platform but it very well knows what it need to do. Its actions are quite strengthening and this changing decision of yahoo was quite shocking for many of its users. Even when yahoo is closed in China it is still available for all its users worldwide and you may enjoy using your yahoo platform without any problems but in case of problems you may take easy help from Yahoo Technical Support number.

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