What should I know about Yahoo Travel?

Yahoo has been a wonderful mail platform that has been used widely from last many years. Since its existence it has been providing trustworthy user oriented services and this is the reason why it is still commonly used as an integral mail platform by many. More than a mail network it is like a friend to users and it provide many other help to users. The features introduced by yahoo are all useful and helpful using which is easy and in case of issues one may get help from yahoo phone number.

Yahoo has also been travel friend for many users because it provides easy and updated travel services as well. When you have yahoo, you need to worry about missed connection and cancelled flight and ticket booking. With yahoo you can enjoy stress-free vacation experience. Yahoo can help you during the holiday travel season. Fortunately, Yahoo Mail made it a little easier to manage your travel with our new travel feature this holiday season.

Starting today, Yahoo Mail will help you to combine all your flight information in one view across all your Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook or AOL connected accounts. It also notifies you of any significant flight changes, so you can plan your trip accordingly.

Yahoo mail offers-

  • Cancellation Help- If your flight is cancelled your Travel View information will update and prompt you to call the airline by pressing a button.
  • One Travel View– Yahoo Mail finds from every connected inbox all relevant information about your flights and displays it in an easy- to- use Travel View. This may include airport departure / arrival, date, time, etc.
  • Check- in Notifications- With a direct link to the airline’s check- in page, you will be notified 24 hours before your flight that it is time to check in.
  • Yahoo Mail updates your Travel View with relevant information such as gate and terminal details six hours before your flight. For directions and expected travel time to the airport, you can also press the “Get Directions” button.
  • Change Notifications– Yahoo Mail begins to track all changes to the gate, delays and cancelations to notify you if your flight has changed and when.

Dial Yahoo customer service number Yahoo is thus easy to use and access for travel information, ticket booking and airfares search. For help to any other travel arrangements you may call 0800-046-5027 yahoo customer care number.

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