Some useful yahoo mail settings to be used

Yahoo is an amazing platform that provides so many applications that are all useful for its users. Yahoo is so widely used by so many users. Yahoo is useful and this is because of the application that it provides. The applications provided by yahoo are all available on yahoo mail platform itself. This makes it easy for users to enjoy everything right at one platform itself. It is because of this reason that when users get everything on one platform they do not wish to use any other platform for their varied internet needs. With this yahoo makes to be an amazing platform which is user friendly but in case you need easy help for any application you may obtained easy help from Yahoo Helpline Phone Number.

  1. Email filters – One may apply the setting of filters with which one can instruct yahoo to automatically move the mails to one folder from another.
  2. Email signature – By adding a personal touch by adding an email signature to each mail is to sent. Email signature is a nice way to add the identification to each mail.
  3. Vacation response – When you are using yahoo for your professional usage you can use this features of yahoo. Sometimes when you are not at your own place and you receive some of the important mail of which you need to send revert you can set a vacation response with this the response will automatically be send for each mail you receive.
  4. Blocked addresses – Yahoo let you block those address from which you are receiving suspicious mails continuously. These emails addressed can then be blocked so that even when emails are sent from these blocked addresses they will not be able to enter your yahoo inbox.
  5. Reply-to addressor spam mails –You can set a reply to addressor spam mails option with which you will be able to reply to those addresses in yahoo mail who are sending spam mails without actually opening the mail.
  6. Auto-forwarding address – Sometimes you need to send some mails by default to one of your yahoo friend. In these cases you can add a auto forwarding address option with which each mail by default will reach to that friend.

Dial toll free Yahoo Contact Number UK 0800-046-5027 These are some of the settings which can be used for applying new features for yahoo. When any help is to be obtained for this you may obtain Yahoo Helpline Number UK.

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