Some of the unknown submission allowed on yahoo platform

Yahoo is user’s oriented platform which make sure that users get best and enhanced using this platform. It is because of this reason yahoo accepts changes happening across the globe and successfully adapt them to their platforms. Without any interruption yahoo keeps on working to launch new updates with its each update and make sure that to close the unrequited one so that it can focus on just the required one. When yahoo have everything which is latest and enhanced user never wish to switch to any other platform for their needs. Even when everything on yahoo is latest still it managed to provide everything in an easy possible way but if any problem occurs easy help may be obtained from Yahoo support number anytime.

Yahoo comes with multiple applications and so users may enjoy benefit of lot and lot of services right at one platform. Yahoo and its application have always been commonly used all around but still some of the application of yahoo is unknown for users which can be used for purpose of submissions. It is better to know such applications as well so that they can be wisely used. Contact Yahoo Tech Support

Some of these yahoo services are:

  • Yahoo directory submission – Yahoo has always been an important search engine and one can submit url in yahoo search engine for manual indexing of website. Once your site will start appearing in top results over yahoo search engine better user traffic and better promotion can be targeted.
  • Product submission – Yahoo let you add product of your company to its shopping index. It is sure that when you will enlist your product in yahoo, it will gain popularity and this will help increase sales and lead.
  • The RSS submission – Yahoo also allows its users to create RSS submission with which you can post images, pictures and other visual content on yahoo to receive traffic with the help of these elements as well.
  • Yahoo mobile site submission – When you have mobile site application available for mobile users you can also take help of mobile site submission with yahoo so as to reach these customers.


These are submissions which can be done on yahoo for site promotion and increase of traffic to the website. Just like other applications of yahoo, this is also quite easy but in case if you need easy help to this you may obtain easy help from Yahoo phone number.

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