Can I mark mail for Follow-Up in Yahoo Mail?

Yes, as a user you can mark mail to follow it up in future and this can be done by flagging a mail. Yahoo is user’s platform and it provides user oriented features so that user can enjoy using it with maximum ease. Yahoo understand that its users can be busy at times when they receive a mail and read it and may require to access these mails when they are free in future. Users can mark such mails as flag so that they can remember that those mails which are flagged need to access later. Flagging mails is easy in yahoo and one may obtain easy help from Yahoo Customer Service Number UK if they face any issues regarding this.

To keep your yahoo mail sorted, it is very much essential few minutes to go through emails received on weekly basis. Delete mails which are not important, move mails to folder whcih are of use and flag mails which you wish to access later. If you are in a hurry and can’t deal with what action must be taken for a new mail message in Yahoo Mail, immediately flag the mail so that when you come back to your yahoo mail inbox you would know those mails which need to be accessed carefully later when you have time.

Steps to flag email in Yahoo Mail:

  • Get to your yahoo mail inbox with your id and password.
  • Here click the checkbox of the mails you want to mark or flag.
  • Click on the Mark button.
  • Now click the flag column to provide it a flag status. (Press L to mark it as flag)
  • You can remove the flag status by un-check the box. (or press Shift-L)

Dial toll free Yahoo Helpline Number UK The messages which have been flagged will have flag appearing in front so that you can differentiate it from normal mails in yahoo mail inbox. You can flag or un-flag a mail as per your choice and requirement in yahoo mail. The flagged mail will keep notifying you that you still need to access them. Adding and removing flags in yahoo mail is easy and one may obtain easy help for this from Yahoo Phone Number UK if needed. By flagging mails in yahoo you can keep them for follow up once you get time to access this flagged mails in yahoo.

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