Access your Yahoo Mail Account using IMAP

Yahoo Mail superbly provides the brilliant access to the users to communicate with people and let the users to send and receive emails in an effective manner. It provides lots of useful features by which users can easily perform the desired mailing works. There are the ways in which users perform certain activities that are very helpful in terms of accessing their account. It also gives IMAP access to your Yahoo email account represent cell phones and certain email programs on desktops. And it appears as the most different way to use the Yahoo Mail Account via IMAP setting. You may also take help by the Yahoo Contact Number to know about the measures and methods to perform such task.

Yahoo Email Online and on Your System’s Desktop

This implies you can utilize your consistent email program (Outlook Hotmail and Outlook Express, for instance, Windows Live Mail and other program) to get and send email messages with your Yahoo email address notwithstanding access the account on the web by means of a program. IMAP guarantees that you can get to mail in every one of your folders in both email browser and program.

Get to Your Yahoo! Email account with your email program utilizing IMAP account

To get to yahoo mail flawlessly in an email program you should set up an IMAP account with the accompanying settings:

  • Yahoo Email IMAP server: enter and click IMAP port: 993, then yes to IMAP TLS. Type your full yahoo mail username and password.
  • For Yahoo Email SMTP server: type official site, and choose SMTP 465. After selecting it click yes to SMTP TLS/SSL link. Enter your full yahoo mail username and password in the given field.

Get to Your Yahoo! Mail Plus Record with Your Email Program Utilizing POP setting account

As another option to IMAP access, straightforward downloading for new messages is likewise accessible for Yahoo email utilizing POP and other then dial yahoo customer support number for additional help and support related to yahoo mail account settings.

Access a Yahoo email account in Your Email Program Utilizing optional Interfaces

On the off chance that you would prefer not to or can’t utilize the official POP and IMAP get to give by Yahoo mail!, YPOPs! can be an option, set up effectively in Outlook Express, for instance, as can utilize IzyMail, on any stage and pretty much any email program.

If you ever felt that you are facing any issue or you are o longer to access your account in an easy manner, then there is the only way to fix the issues is to get help by the tech support team. You may need to make a call to the Yahoo Customer Care Number UK 0800 046 5027 to get sufficient solutions and needy measures to settle down the all issues. You will also receive perfect guidance tips and useful measures by the skilled and qualified technicians to manage down the all issues.

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